Current ticket price: ... DCR.

Current price of DCR is the average ( DCR) and is expected to go to DCR in blocks (aprox. )

Recomended ticket fee: ... DCR.
Expected profit: ...

The average ticket fee in the last block was ..., and the average ticket fee on mempool was .... Profit was calculated using the higher of the two.

Using the recommended fee is not a guarantee that your tickets will be confirmed. The next block might have a higher fee than the current one.

Decred Stake Pool Overview

A stake pool is used to delegate your voting powers to a third party (the pool). The pool cannot steal your funds.

Participating in a stake pool is perfect for people who wish to take part in Decred's proof of stake voting but can't due to:

  • Not wanting to keep a constantly unlocked wallet
  • Lack of a realible/low latency Internet connection

The source code is available at GitHub.