Ticket Splitting Beta Testing

Dear Users, we are conducting beta tests on Ticket Splitting. If you have at least 5 DCR available and feel like joining our tests, go to #ticket-split channel on our slack (click here to receive an invite) or #ticket_splitting channel on decred official slack (https://decred.slack.com/).

See the docs tab for Tutorials and help.

Current splitting sessions (default session: dcrbr1):


Current ticket price: ... DCR.

Expected profit: ...

Current price of DCR is the average ( DCR) and is expected to go to DCR in blocks (aprox. )

There is no longer need to adjust the ticket fee. The default value of 0.001 DCR is now the recomended value.

Decred Voting Service Overview

A voting service is used to delegate your voting powers to a third party (the voting service). The service cannot steal your funds.

Using in a voting service is perfect for people who wish to take part in Decred's proof of stake voting but can't due to:

  • Not wanting to keep a constantly unlocked wallet
  • Lack of a realible/low latency Internet connection

The source code is available at GitHub.